Latest data received by CityU automatic weather station (updated every 5 minutes)

Date / Time 25 Sep   8:10pm Daily Summary 25 Sep
Temperature 27.7 oC
(0.6 oC higher than that of yesterday)
Min Temperature  26.8 oC at 2:00am
Relative Humidity N/A % Max Temperature 31.1 oC at 12:38pm
Sea-level Pressure hPa Prevailing Wind ENE  3.2 km/h
Wind Direction ESE Maximum Gust 22.5 km/h at 2:44am
Wind Speed Mean: 6.4 km/h  
10-min Gust: 9.0 km/h
Daily Rainfall 0.0 mm
Rainfall (Past Hour) 0.0 mm

Rainfall Record (past 24-hour)
Time Rainfall (mm)

Meteogram from CityU automatic weather station (updated every 5 minutes)

                                                                            Wind speed = 1-min mean wind speed                                 Hi wind speed = 1-min maximum gust

                             Rain = 1-min rainfall                                                   Barometer = sea-level pressure                         

Data are for academic/personal interest only. Do not use the data for decision making.